202 6" Round Pouralid Swimming Pool Access Lid Cover

The 6" round Pouralid masonry access lid cover can be used to Hide the look of the black plastic sewer clean outs or single water valves that need to be in the masonry decking. The round Pouralids eliminate the look of unpleasing plastic access lids.

Pouralid 6” lid comes with 2 parts, a collar and a bowl. When laying out the deck work, you will want to remove the bowl from the collar, then set the collar in place. You can use strong tape to preset the collar to finish surface elevation. You will always want to keep the lid separate at the time of concrete pour. After all the concrete is finished and the lid is filled, you should clean out the collar and wipe off the lid’s exposed plastic. Then, set the lid into the collar. The round Pouralid covers will create a strong masonry lid.

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For use with:

AA water level systems, Paramount Para level water leveler and covers Sewer clean outs

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