10" Pouralid Water Level System

Pouralid water level system is an essential part of any pool or water feature; without it, the water would dry up or you will have to fill it up every couple of days. The Pouralid Water Level System includes the patented Stetson Float Valve along with a plastic lid insert or remove insert whereby the lid becomes a pourable masonry matching lid.

The best way to install the auto fill is to establish a live water source and let it fill the line to the bucket. Stake the bucket into place using tabs on the side of the bucket to secure it. The flange at the top of the bucket should be the same height as the bond beam elevation of the pool. Always set the water bucket 2-3 feet away from the pool and use 1 ½ pipe for the equalizer line to the pool. Use clear ABS glue or strong tape to preset the collar to finish the surface elevation place until the concrete is poured. You want to keep the skimmer lid separate at time of pour. After all the concrete is poured and the skimmer lid is filled, clean out the collar and wipe down the poured skimmer lid’s exposed plastic and set it into the collar.

System Includes:

  • 1-10" Pour-A-Lid with detachable color matched plastic lid.
  • 1-1/2 ABS Auto Fill Standard
  • 1-3/4" PVC fitting. Instruction manual.
  • 1-Threaded pressure plug
  • 1-Slip Plug for overflow option


Technical Drawing

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