Hidden Paver Drain

The Hidden Paver Drain is designed as a platform surface drain that connects to standard 4” SDR or 3” coex drainage pipe. The 16” SQ drain platform with 8 fiberglass filled pins allow you to create different sized drains up to 11 ½” square. The drain opening can be any size you want.

The Hidden Paver Drain System is a 16” square platform drain ¼” thick black ABS plastic with slotted supports to channel the water. The pick paver drain size is up to 11” and sets the paver onto a drain platform. Use the top of the paver to establish a finished drain height. After the surface height is set, use the pins in the slotted grooves provided all around the paver to tightly secure and establish the first paver onto the center platform drain. When you finish the pattern up to the pins, this will leave a ¼” gap for water to escape while creating a seamless look.

Disguise your swimming pool deck drains with this unique Hidden Paver Drain System.


  • Any Shape or Size up to 11"
  • Area Platform Surface Drain
  • Fits most Paver Sizes
  • Plumbing size is 4" SDR-35 or 3" Co-ex / Drainpipe & 4" PVC
  • 16” X 16” X ¼”
  • Black ABS Plastic
  • 8 Pins


Technical Drawing

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