Stetson Replacment Float Bottle For Swimming Pools, Ponds, & Water Features

Stetson Float Valves are the most reliable essential feature for swimming pools, fountains, ponds, and other water features. With its durable ABS construction and adjustable arm, you can be sure our water leveler will always provide superior reliability.

Stetson Float Valves are easy to use when installing into Pouralid Water Level Systems or other water features. You always want to use teflon tape on the threads. Wrap tape around the threaded nipple about 5 to 6 times, then the float will thread into the water feature. To tighten it up, you can wrap it in a rag and tighten. The hood on the valve should face down while the float arm is coming out. Loosen the wing nut to adjust. Use your finger to lift the float arm and set the float bottle to 8: or 9:oo Position. After filling stops, you may need to lower or raise it to the desired water level then tighten the wing nut.

5” Replacement Float used in Swimming Pools, Ponds, & Water Features

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